19 Jan 2020
Photo can we build our own state of peace?

Can we build our own state of peace?

Today we live in a world in perpetual motion where you always have to run. The world has also become so stressful and tiring on a daily basis that the notion of collective peace has become a utopia. A state impossible to have collectively, but perhaps possible individually. Everyone tries to find his own state of mind. Which is quite possible with the right steps.

Give yourself a mental break

Among the prerequisites for welcoming inner peace, you must prepare yourself mentally, including giving yourself mental breaks as often as possible. These consist of concentrating exclusively on the present moment, totally obscuring the past and stopping thinking about the future.

This state of mind will be facilitated if you accompany it with a simple breathing exercise. At least once a day, take the time to take a deep breath and hold it for at least five seconds. After this time, you exhale forcefully. By expelling this oxygen, much of your mental blockage is expelled.

Refocus on yourself

You may not be aware of it, but there are weights in your life that keep you in a state of constant anxiety and discomfort. These hindrances prevent you from liberating yourself and finding inner peace. 

  • The first action you must take is to identify all the elements of your life that prevent you from reaching this level of tranquility. 
  • For your personal development, think about yourself and do not systematically put the interests of others before your own. You will find that refocusing on yourself will allow you to be more attentive to your loved ones. 
  • Then you can share to others like Prem Rawat did.

Gratitude: the key to achieving inner peace

This is undoubtedly some advice that will require undeniable efforts: Develop the feeling of gratitude. You may be wondering what that means. Whatever the level of your pain and stress is, you should focus on instilling a sense of gratitude in your mind. Why not express your gratitude for being in good health, having a family that loves you and being able to count on people who are listening to you?

Even if you have many concerns, simply realizing each day that you are a privileged person will help you get better and achieve inner peace that will bring balance. In order for this process to happen quickly in you, make sure, even if it will not be easy, to get away from any negative person who may be disrupting your walk forward.

Give yourself moments of silence

This will no doubt seem like a luxury in our current lifestyle but try, as much as possible, to find at least an hour a day for a bath of total silence. You can do that by reading books about inner peace, like Prem Rawat's book. Access to inner peace will be greatly facilitated if you meet all the conditions for its implementation.

It goes through the calm, the absence of all forms of external aggression and essentially sound. In the midst of a perfectly quiet environment, you will find it easier to soothe your anxious mind. In the absence of noise, you can reconnect with your healthy emotions and stop all fears that agitate you daily. Immersed in silence, you will find that it is a deluge of pleasant and constructive sensations that will seize you like satisfaction, appeasement and emotional stability.