18 Jan 2020
Photo Does imagining his life is a lie to happiness?

Does imagining his life is a lie to happiness?

Every day in the shower or before going to sleep, many people mentally work on the program of the day or the next day. And a lot of people daydream and imagine their lives differently. It has become natural to wonder if dreaming about your life is a good thing or not.

A good dose of imagination preserves seriousness and daily monotony

The work of projecting into the future, creating an ideal life where you work to achieve your goals and where you are fully involved in selected and fulfilling activities boost your present. Where everyday life confines us to a rather limited field of action, the imagination brings space, time and adventure.

Why all these hobbies in our society? A way to escape from the present. Why all this entertainment? A way to escape from the present. If you took a share of your free time each day to create your dreams, fulfill it and share it to others like Prem Rawat did, that's real happiness.

Imagining your life has benefits

To imagine one's life, to have dreams and to pursue them is important. We know that our imaginations are full of hope in what we can become, in the creation of a new person, a new identity, new habits. But here are the other reasons to dream your life. 

Our imaginations belong to us and define us

There is immense pleasure to witness the realization of a dream, an imagination in another person. Imagine when, instead of living vicariously, we dream our lives and experience the blossoming of our own project! This will probably have us overcome fears, to exercise our courage, to develop our creativity in the face of failures, to fight against snuffers and envy. 

Imagining one's life and making it real can be an inspiration to others.

Take for example Prem Rawat's journey, his imagination of a world in peace and his work for it are important elements that he shares in the world. An important contribution that is made by offering the example that everything is possible when we get started.

Imagine your life so you can live it

In fact, imagination is a stage for happiness. First, spending too much time imagining your life without realizing it is a big factor of depression. For example, if you imagine having a car in 1 year while you are currently without work or income, you will very quickly fall into depression.

Then the imagination can be a source of disappointment when you do not realize it. It is therefore important to know how to set limits to one's imagination so as not to be disappointed when it is not realized.

Finally, many do not even know how to imagine their lives. It is essential to find the happiness to know how to imagine that positive side for his life. Yet, many are so pessimistic that they can't help imagining every night what would happen if they were robbed. This leads to paranoia, sadness or even anger that all block happiness.