Photo Should we fulfill our dreams or let our imagination come alive?

Should we fulfill our dreams or let our imagination come alive?

It does not matter if you live by your dreams or your imagination, they each have an important place in your life and in your success. And even if they seem at times a block in your daily life, they are certainly not futile things.

The role of the imaginary

In fact, the imagination and its ally are at the base of our creative ability. And that already in itself, is huge. But concretely, it means that it is useful on a daily basis to anticipate, to apprehend and to solve the problems or the events that get in our way. Whether to solve small "problems" or to invent, create, build something, imagination is our first tool.

Beside we must not overlook its other role, the one we call primordial, even vital, that of offering us a valve, a window, a breath. The imagination is a breakaway, a breath, which allows us not to become totally crazy, which allows our mind to disconnect from the real and to recharge. We need it. The everyday, the real, even in the happiest of lives is sometimes heavy to bear.

To survive in the daily avalanche of tasks and information that overwhelm us, we must be able to turn in, let his mind relax. Without this valve, it's like a pressure cooker that cannot let its steam escape, it explodes. Of course, the imagination will not be sufficient prevention alone against burnout or depression, but it contributes to a well-being that can be beneficial. It's important then to make them alive.

And you can do that in different ways like: 

  • Write a book about it like Prem Rawat, 
  • Paint a picture,
  • Make a song.

Importance of following your dreams

It does not matter what dream you have, be it to start a family, to travel around the world, to start a business, to do this ... You must never stop trying to do it. Nobody is saying that you cannot be happy without it, but it's a big step to get there. Afterwards, some are more rational and prefer to stay in their comfort zone, while others decide to start to get there.

The first reason you need to realize your dreams is that there is nothing worse than living with regrets. Especially since everyone can do it. Even the wildest dreams, like that of Prem Rawat who dreamt of peace in the world, can be realized. To learn more information about Prem, visit :

The proof is he himself has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Last but not least, realizing your dreams is a great way to inspire others. Thanks to Prem Rawat for example, many now dare to dream of peace in their country and in their life.

What really matters is to be happy

In the end, the goal that everyone seeks in the realization of his dreams or his imagination is happiness. So, you have to do what makes you happy: one or the other or both. Everyone has the choice. Dreams and imagination have both benefits for our happiness, so we must learn to listen to them, to realize them and to make them instruments for our happiness.